Jon Bryant “Half Bad”

Best Coast – “Always Tomorrow”

Dotan “Bleeding” Single

Jett Kwong “Tokyo Bath”

Leena Culhane – “Sleepwalker”

Cuesta Loeb – “Grass It Grows”

Cyrus Reynolds – “Foraker” Live

Kail Baxley – “Beneath The Bones”

Nick Allen – “After You”

Johnny Stranger – “Valkyrie”

Sean Waters and the Sunrise Genius – “Easy Graces” Single

Johnzo West – “Small Victories”


Sunday Service Choir – “Jesus is Born”

Best Coast – “For The First Time” – Single (Concord Records)

Jon Bryant – “Headphones” – Single (Nettwerk)

Jim & Sam  – “Saturday Night” – Single (Nettwerk)

Shannon Purser “Don’t Worry About Me” Single

Johnny Stranger – The Nutcracker EP Single

Michelle Vezilj – “Fire Goes to Die” Single

Michelle Vezilj – “I Can’t Love you Anymore” Single

Zach Villa – “Revolver” Single

Freedom Fry x Clara Nova  “Matchstick” EP

Scary Pockets – “Colors”

Ryann Lecklider – “Where We’ve Been”

Michael Todd – “Hot Touch” – Single

Alexa Cappelli – “The Colors That Made You” EP

Mike Stocksdale – “Like This Again” Single

Mike Stocksdale – “The Only One” Single

Katie Ferrara – “Lost In Your Ocean Eyes” Single

Nightjacket – “Beauty In the Dark”

Matt Bloyd – “King”

Jett Kwong – “Cream” Single

Freedom Fry “The Sun Is Gonna Shine on You” EP

Dresage “ Therapy” Single 

Claire George “Alone Together” Single

Ryan Amador “The American”

Hayden Lee – “Crazy Little Secrets”

Josiah and The Bonnevilles – “On Trial”

Lisa Chamberlain – “Mornings”

Honey County – “High On The Radio”

Sleep Machine – “Renegade Of Eden” Single

Sarah Hollins – “This High”

Travis Howard – “City & Western”

Distant Cousins – “Next of Kin”

Freedom Fry – “Matchstick” 

Bittersweet Machines – “The Stars and Ground”

Nick Allen – “Trust you” ?

Polaris Rose – “The Waves Within”

Goodbye Tomorrow – “Clean White Sneakers” Single

Lana Scott – “Before The Morning” Single

Johnny Stranger – “The Nutcracker”

Jenna Alleman – “See The Sparrow”


Scary Pockets – “Humpty Funky”

Scary Pockets – “Star Funk”

Dresage – “Dresage” EP

The Born Love “Strange Days”

Sleep Machine – “Happy New Year, Runaway Faith, Freedom”

Maggie McClure – “Magic Man” Single

Maggie McClure- “Elenor Rigby” Single

Safie – “Part One”

Sarah Hollins – “Heartbeat”

Cyrus Reynolds – “Love In A Perfect Vacuum”

Moshav – “Shabbat, VOL 2”

Freedom Fry – “Classic”

Kenton Chen “Walls”

Joe Marson – “Lonely For The Last Time” Single

Jonie Blinman – “Lighthouse” Single

Bittersweet Machines – “No Bad Horizon”

Jolivi – “Vinyl” Single

Kyle Nicolaides – “Space Between Us” 

Matt Koelsch – “Thinking Of You”

The ii “Hero & Masisie” Singles


Charlotte OC – “Careless People”

Luke Edgemon “Sweeter Ground”

Ryan Lerman – “Friends”

Sometimes We Sing Together “Archetypes”

Scott Middough – “Intent”

Moons of Mars – “I’ll Make My Money Dreaming”

Echo Underground – “Vows”

Stocklyn – “Stocklyn II”


Jolivi “Take a Shot” Single

Celeigh Chapman “The Winner”

Sarah Petrella “Room For Love”

Willodean – “Awesome Life Decisions: Side Two”

Willodean – “Life & Limbo”

Shane Henry & Maggie McClure “A Classic Christmas”

A Cowgirl’s Story (Original Soundtrack)

Patrick Joseph “Waiting To Begin” 

Ryann Lecklider “Don’t Make Me Choose”

Deepsleeper “Years” 

Matt Zarley – “The Estrogen Sessions”

Temporary (Soundtrack)

Jolivi – “Crooked Crown” Single

The ii – “For You For Me”


Philip Sayce – “Scorched Earth Live Vol 1” 

Jared Finck “Criminal (stripped)”

Never Shout Never – “Black Cat”

Arrows To Athens – “Exile”

Megan & Liz “Duex”

Sleep Machine “Animal High”

Sleeping Wolf – “The Fire”

Freedom Fry – “Shaky Ground”

Jason Adamo Band – “And Friends”

Terron Brooks – “Love Music”

Chris Brochu – “Home” Single

Chris Jagich – “Carry Me Home”

LASC – EP Vol 1

Polaris Rose – “Ocean Blue, Velvet Skies”


Carolina Liar- “Wrestling An Angel” Single

The Last Hurrah – “Mudflowers”

Vinnie Ferra – “Arc En Ciel”

Zella Day – “Kicker”

Joe Gillette – “Joe Gillette”

Sleep Machine – “Cover Me In Gold”

Sarah Petrella – “Seasons”

Hunter Hunted – “Ready for You”

Sarah Hollins – “Young & Wild”

Terron Brooks – “Til I Get it Right”

Kail Baxley – “A Light That Never Dies”

Jonie Blinman – “The Coffee’s Gone Cold”

Peter Su – “Lions on The Beach”

Josh Beech – “Fight Strong”

Scott Poole – “La La Transmissions”

Chris Brochu – “Life”

Will Herrington – “Solace” (Percussion)

Motel Pools – “Motel Pools”

Ben Caron – “Climb”

Boroughs – “Boroughs”

Fō – “Hammers” Single


Anthony Starble “We Need To Be Loved”

Blondfire “Young Heart”

Emily Kinney – “Rockstar” Single

Megan & Liz – “Simple Life EP”

Terron Brooks – “Get Back Up Again” Single

Olivia Henry – “Sessions”

Chase Byrne – “Chase Byrne”

Polaris Rose – “Telescopes”

Polaris Rose – “Ocean Songs”

Kelly Fauth – “Weapon Of Choice”


Megan & Liz -“Back Home” Single

Hotel Cinema – “Hotel Cinema”

Kail Baxley – ‘Heatstroke / The Wind and The War”

Melody Michalski – “New York Snow” 

Ben Caron – “Ben Caron”

Jacosa – “Catch Me If You Can”

Kayleigh Goldsworthy – “Burrower”

Polaris Rose – “The Moon and Its Secrets”


Blondfire – “Where The Kids Are”

Danni Rosner “West”

Jules Larson – “Let’s Stay Young”

Adrianne Richards – “Happy”

Matt Zarley – “One More Christmas”


Kevin Daniel – “All The Wiser”

Justin Chase & Dani Shay – BMC “Pumped Up Kicks” 

Justin Chase – “Loved”


Jules Larson – “A Lot Like You”


Charley Orlando – “Free World Citizen”

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